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Susanne Paul

Susanne Paul was raised in a German-Mexican family in Southern California and took up the cello at a young age, then dropped it as a teen, drifting into electric guitars, punk and flamenco. She later studied classical music, after all and finally developed a serious addiction to jazz cello.

She is fascinated by music from all over the world, especially tango, flamenco, Brazilian and Cuban music and plays, composes and arranges in several bands and projects as well as for theater.

Her music effortlessly blends various influences and usually involves groove and improvisation.

She plays a 5-string cello built by Burkhard Eickhoff, Munich.
Her bow was made by Anja Clara Kraft, who also takes care of sound maintenance.
Her 6-string electric cello is by Ned Steinberger
Her electric guitar is by Nick Page