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How to Play Jazz & Tango > Teaching Jazz, Rock, and Pop for Strings

Training for teachers and university level students
For 4-12 participants

An introduction to playing and teaching jazz, rock, and pop designed for string teachers

In their workaday lives, music teachers are usually dealing with students who listen to rock and pop around the clock. Most of us teachers never got the chance to familiarize ouselves with this music when we learned our trade. This workshop is designed to bridge that gap and introduce classically trained teachers to jazz, rock, and pop rhythm, performance practice, improvisation and music theory.
Many methods of jazz teaching can be useful in classical contexts as well. We will discuss how to integrate rhythm games, improvisation games, playing by ear etc. into "classical" music lessons.

This workshop includes:

Rhythm: rhythm games, groove exercises, body percussion, rhythm language
Improvisation: free improvisation games, harmonic improvisation (by ear, with chord tones, with scales, with patterns)
Performance practice: special playing techniques, phrasing, notation, approach to rhythm, sound, ensemble playing, common styles and genres

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