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DATES - My concert & workshop schedule

VIDEO PAGE - live concert footage, video lessons, etc.

News 2019
The MOVE String Quartet's new album "Short Stories" made Time Out Portugal's list of "Top Ten Jazz CDs of the year 2018"!

The MOVE String Quartet will be on tour in Denmark (February 2019) and Portugal (June 2019)

Courses in 2019
Feb-June 2019 in Hamburg, ElbPhilharmonie: KreativOrchester
May 18-19 in Wiesbaden, Musik- und Kunstschule: Jazz & improv course for pupils & teachers
Oct 28-29 Landesmusikakademie Berlin: "Jazz, Rock & Tango for Strings - Groove & Improvisation" - Course for string teachers
Nov 18-22, Bundesmusikakademie Trossingen: "Freispiel", an Introduction to Jazz for Classical Musicians - for piano (Julia Hülsmann), recorder (Tobias Reisege), flute (Tilmann Dehnhard) & strings (Susanne Paul)

New projects
I've started performing with new bands:
With the Yannick Delez 5tet
UpSideDown - Duet with Efrat Alony
Wandermüd - Duet with Winnie Brückner

News 2018
The second album of the MOVE String Quartet, "Short Stories", is here! Released in April 2018 on Jazz Haus Musik - Order one here!

Courses 2018
2-year Postgraduate Course beginning in 2018: A new postgraduate teacher training course on Improvisation for String Players will begin in October 2018 at the Bruckner University of Linz, Austria. It is a postgraduate, part-time course for classical string teachers who want to learn jazz, groove and improvisation. It'll be our fourth round - once again with my wonderful teaching colleague cats Christoph Cech, Andi Schreiber and Peter Herbert. From October 2018 - June 2020 (8 weekends in total).

February 17-18, 2018 I'll be teaching a course for string players at the VdM Hessen in Rüsselsheim
April 28-29 I'll be teaching workshops at the Congress of String Class Teaching at the Landesmusikakademie NRW in Heek on Jazz/Rock/Pop in String Classes
July 13-15, 2018 I've been invited to teach 2 workshops at the New Directions Cello Festival in Cologne, Germany. I'll also be performing in duet there with Etta Scollo. And there will be plenty of other interesting workshops, jam sessions, and concerts with interesting cellists from all over the world!
August 29-30, 2018 I will teach two courses at the Musikschulwerk Niederösterreich in Zeillern Castle, Austria. One on improvisation for beginning players, the other on playing techniques in jazz, pop and tango for strings

News 2017
Thanks to a generous study grant from the Berlin Senate I will be spending two months in Brazil this summer! In Rio de Janeiro, to be exact. Looking forward to some great music & great people there!

"Canto", the first album of the Kammerjazz-Kollektiv, was released on the a-jazz label in September 2017.

Courses in 2017
Quite a number of courses & workshops coming up in 2017:

January 13-15, 2017 at the Swedish ESTA congress Malmö, Sweden I'll be teaching several courses on Jazz & Tango in String Pedagogy, focussing on performance practice.
April 1-2, 2017: via the VBSM (Verband Bayrischer Musik- und Singschulen) I will teach a course for string teachers on "Playing Techniques and Groove" in Bamberg
May 17-18, 2017: in Weinberg castle in Austria (Oberösterreich), I 'll be teaching "Playing Music with the Third Hemisphere of the Brain - Learning Improvisation" for string teachers
November 20-24, 2017: it's time for "Frei-Spiel: Jazz-Rock-Pop für KlassikerInnen" again at the Bundesmusikakademie Trossingen. A course for music teachers - strings (Madame Paul), woodwinds (Tilman Dehnhard), piano (Julia Hülsmann) and recorder (Tobias Reisige)

News & Plans 2016
Postgraduate Course: A new postgraduate teacher training course on Improvisation for String Players will begin in October 2016 at the Bruckner University of Linz, Austria. It is a postgraduate, part-time course for classical string teachers who want to learn jazz. It'll be our third round - once again with my wonderful teaching colleague cats Christoph Cech, Andi Schreiber and Peter Herbert. From October 2016 - June 2018 (8 weekends in total).
Here's some more info and here's a registration form.

OUT NOW: the debut CD of Ugurel & Strings on Unit Records. With Christian Ugurel, Max Andrzejewski, Andreas Lange, Rodrigo Bauza, Josa Gerhard & meself. Come on, grab one already!

More CD Plans:
With my MOVE String Quartet we'll be hitting the studio to record our second CD this spring.
With the Kammerjazz-Kollektiv, brainchild of pianist & composer Daniel Stawinski we'll also be recording a CD in spring, our first.

On Tour:
I'll be touring with three more projects this year -
With the Julia Hülsmann Octet (e.g. May 2016),
with Santi Careta (in Catalonia; e.g. Feb, April, June 2016),
and with Peter Dahm's "Dahmwahl" (April & Sept 2016).

From April 28 - May 1 I've been invited by the German/Danish folkBALTICA festival to form the festival band with featured artist, singer Keike Faltings and Finnish violinist Antti Järvelä.

I'll be teaching a teacher training course for cellists at the Zurich Conservatory on April 18, 2016.

News 2015
Out now: Die Groovestrich-Schule
My book with 15 duet pieces for learning the groovebowing technique and Latin American rhythms just hit the shelves (it's a revised version of my older "Bossastrich-Schule").
For 2 cellos, published by Ponticello-Edition. You can order it from me, the publisher or in your local music store. It's also available for 2 violins (self-published).
For full details and audio versions of all pieces, go here. And here's a review of it.

CD tempo al tempo
Scollo con Cello, my duo with Etta Scollo, has recorded a new CD. It's called "tempo al tempo" and will be released on Feb 27 on Jazz Haus Records. We wrote the pieces together and recorded them in an intimate, puristic setting. Starting in February, we'll be touring with the new program.

Courses 2015-16
On May 26, 2015 I will teach a workshop on "Grooving on a String Instrument" at the European ESTA Conference in Middelburg/Netherlands.

On June 13, 2015 I will teach a tango course at the "String Players' Day" of the Landesmusikakademie Hamburg.

July 20-25, 2015 I will be part of the crew at Tallers Musicals Avinyó Music Camp in Catalonia, teaching "Jazz for String Players". Contact me for more details on prices, accomodation, etc.

On November 9-13, 2015 I will teach a teacher training course on Jazz/Rock/Pop for classically trained musicians at the Bundesakademie Trossingen. The course is for string players (yours truly), woodwinds (Tilman Dehnhard), pianists (Julia Hülsmann) and recorder players (Tobias Reisige).

On January 8-9, 2016 I will teach a course for students at the Basel School of Music in Switzerland.
On January 9 -10, 2016 I will follow up with a teacher training course there.

Looking Good
The fabulous costumes by Jelka Plate that Madame Bärbel Schwarz and I performed in at the Dernière Crise have been declared Costume of the Month for February 2015.

"El Camino", the MOVE String Quartet's first album is here! Visit our website for some soundbites or mail me to order a CD.

We've received some good press, dig this: "Absolutely mesmerizing....An album so beautiful at times, it's stunning....It's a beautiful recording, of elegance and warmth."

You can order it here!
Postgraduate university course:
For the second time, I will be teaching a postgraduate university course in Teaching Jazz and Improvisation to String Players at the Bruckner University in Linz. It will be running from October 2014 - May 2016 on a part-time basis.
Info flyer (pdf)
Spring 2014 - 3 New CDs:

Etta Scollos new CD "Lunaria" just came out on Jazz Haus Records in Germany (not to be confused with the Jazz Haus Musik label) and on Casa Musicale Sonzogno in Italy. We recorded Etta's baroque/sicilian/modern songs on lyrics by Vincenzo Consolo in Milano and Berlin. Video teaser "Lunaria"

Radio Plays on CD:
Written and performed by the Composers' Orchestra Berlin - in a smaller chamber line-up: the audio book "Spazieren in Berlin" with music written around texts by 1920's author Franz Hessel. Speaker: Sebastian Weber. Recorded @ RBB (Berlin Radio), released on Buchfunk-Verlag.

We have also recorded a new CD in full orchestral bloom - our first one! - with the Composers' Orchestra Berlin. It's called "Free Range Music" and is coming out on Jazz Haus Musik (not to be confused with the "Jazz Haus Records" label)

Fresh News, Summer 2013

New CD:
My MOVE Quartet's first album "El Camino" will be released on Jazz Haus Musik label on Nov 6, 2013.

Scollo con Cello Video:
Now online: the video teaser of my new duet collaboration with Etta Scollo: "Scollo con Cello"

Honors for new CD:
Our new CD, "Elf Elfen Blues" with the Uwe Kropinski Trio, is the "CD of the week" at NDR Radio starting August 12. Listen to a CD Teaser Track here.

New Band:
Freshly founded: a new tango band called Tango Bastardo. We play groovy, funky, danceable tango - our very own compositions and arrangements.

Sheet Music:
Now available: "Just Doodling", a cello solo piece of mine, just came out in March 2013. Published by Ponticello-Edition

News, Spring 2013

With the MOVE Quartet, my new string quartet, we've just finished recording a great CD in February! It will be released in Fall 2013. We have a new viola player, Ari Poutiainen from Finland. A little preview: right here.

The Uwe Kropinski Trio has also been busy: Our CD "Elf Elfen Blues" will come out in late spring 2013 on the Jazzwerkstatt Label.

"Spazieren in Berlin" – The Composers' Orchestra Berlin composed and performed 10 audio plays on texts by Franz Hessel from the 1920s. 10 of us (including myself) each wrote a piece for sextet and speaker, and in January, we recorded them all. Produced and recorded by RBB Radio. Broadcast in March 2013.

With Etta Scollo, I've also recorded a new CD, "Lunaria": Etta wrote songs on lyrics by Italian author Vincenzo Consolo, and we recorded in his living room in Milano, well cared for by his widow, neighbors and friends. The CD will come out in January 2014.
Etta and I are now also touring with a new duo program called "Scollo con Cello".

I've also made some guest appearances on CD:
On accordeonist Cathrin Pfeifer's CD "Pousse Blues Waltz"
on Ladino-singing band Ganes' CD "parores & neores"
and on Schwarz un Schmitz' CD "Flugenten"

Beginning in Fall 2012, I'm a teacher of a University Course called "Teaching Improvised Music for String Instruments", a 2-year teacher training course in 8 Modules at the Bruckner University in Linz. My 3 co-teachers are Christoph Cech, Andi Schreiber and Peter Herbert

Theater Music:
"Der Laden I" after Erwin Strittmatter, directed by Mario Holetzeck, music by Hans Petith, premieres at the Staatstheater Cottbus on June 9, 2012
"Fernweh. Aus dem Leben eines Stubenhockers", by Hermann Bohlen, directed by Matthias Rebstock, music by Michael Emanuel Bauer, premieres at the Neuköllner Oper on August 23, 2012

All kindsa news 2011

New project: I joined the freshly founded Composers' Orchestra Berlin in fall 2010. All members of this unusual big band – you guessed it – are also composers, so we're writing and playing a brand new program every few months.

Arkady Shilkloper, the amazing jazz french horn player from Russia, will perform my Horn Concerto with string orchestra again, this time in Volgograd, Russia on April 3, 2011. Watch & listen to him performing it in St.Petersburg here.

I make a guest appearance on a track of viennese double bass madman Georg Breinschmid's new double CD "Brein's World", and on his new double DVD "Georg Breinschmid Live". Check this guy out!

Another CD: on "Anchorsongs" by Ficus and the Device I also make a guest appearance. Singing & songwriting at its finest!

Yet another CD: As a guest, I joined my former bandmates of Indigo Masala for a couple tracks on their new CD "Legends of Panipur" on Jigit! Records: Indian European Fusion

Music for Theater: "Amphitryon" by H.von Kleist, directed by Ingo Putz, premiered on Feb 19, 2011 at the Staatstheater Cottbus. On electric guitar & musical direction: yours truly.
This also presented me a very welcome excuse to have master luthier Nick Page build a fantastic Surfmaster model electric guitar for me: A sherwood green dream machine.

May 11-13 2011: "Frisch Gestrichen"- Training course for string teachers in Oberösterreich, Austria, Weinberg Castle near Kefermarkt. Link

Aug. 31- Sept.1 2011: Training course for teachers in Niederösterreich, Austria – improvisation for Cellists in Zeillern Castle near Amstetten. Link

Old & New

I joined the Etta Scollo Band last Autumn. Her music warms your soul with Sicilian folklore, Arabic music, jazz, canzone...

I've been playing with the Peer Neumann Trio since the Summer of 2009. We play relaxed & fun groovy, funky soul jazz. You can watch us playing live on some videos on Peers webpage Peer Neumann on MySpace

The Move String Quartet now has an entirely new line-up with Gerdur Gunnarsdottir (Vi), Tim-Erik Winzer (Va) and Carlos Bica (B). We're busy rehearsing and writing and you'll be hearing from us soon!

I left Indigo Masala after 5 years. We played our farewell concerts last October. Now the accordeonist Arun Leander has joined the band. I'll be joining them for a couple tracks on their new CD, due next Winter.

Courses 2010

I've been invited again to teach in Zeillern Castle, Lower Austria. This year I'll be teaching 2 short training courses for teachers: "Bowing Techniques in Jazz, Rock and Tango" on August 31, 2010 and "Arrangement for String Players" on Sept.1 > www.musikschulmanagement.at

www.best-edition.deReviews & Reactions

"Groovy Strings", highly acclaimed by the press, has now also been awarded the German BEST EDITION 2010 prize in its category.

> www.best-edition.de

Film Music

The documentary film "Der Bergfürst" by Philip Vogt – I wrote and recorded part of the music – is the opening film on the DOK.fest Munich 2010 film festival.

Theater Music

"Der Schimmelreiter" after Theodor Storm, directed by Mario Holetzeck premiered at the Staatstheater Cottbus in November 2009. I play cello & loops. > www.staatstheater-cottbus.de

Groovy Strings"Groovy Strings" Now Available!

Out now! "Groovy Strings - Rhythm and Groove in String Teaching", written by myself and 3 former colleagues from String Thing is now available, published by Breitkopf & Härtel. "Groovy Strings" is a collection of 26 easy-to-play, jazzy and groovy originals for strings. All pieces can be played in the first position and can be played in trio settings, duets, or string orchestra (intermediate level). All scores for violin, viola, cello and double bass are included. It comes with an extensive introduction to basics and methods, plenty of groove exercises, rhythm games and playing techniques (in German). A CD-extra with short video lessons and audio tracks of all pieces is enclosed.
You can order "Groovy Strings" directly from me. Ask me about it!. More info on the book: > www.breitkopf.com

Workshops and Courses 2009

On May 16 at 13.30 my coauthors and I will officially present "Groovy Strings" on the German Music School Congress in Berlin. From 9.00-10.30 my colleagues will teach a workshop on the subject as well. > www.musikschulen.de

May 29-31 I'll be teaching a course called "Jazz for Strings" at the Nordkolleg Rendsburg (northern Germany)  > www.nordkolleg.de

July 6-11 I'll be teaching at the at the Summer Academy of the Bern Conservatory (Switzerland)  > www.konsibern.ch

August 29-30 I'll be teaching an advanced training course for teachers called "Jazz Rock and Pop for Cellists" in Zeillern Castle, Lower Austria  > www.musikschulmanagement.at

Indigo Masala - Big Gods & Little Animals Dissidenten & Jil Jijala - Tangier Sessions bei iTunes

I'm now available on two new CDs!

Indigo Masala: Big Gods & Little Animals on Jigit! Records (April 2008)
New: Watch some live videos of Indigo Masala playing in Dortmund here

And summer 2008 Dissidenten & Jil Jilala: Tanger Sessions on Exil Records.
Also available on iTunes!