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How to Play Jazz & Tango > JazzRockPop String Orchestra

Orchestra project for young students for 15-35 participants

This is not your ordinary string orchestra – we will be stewing up a whole new soup with some unusual ingredients. On the menu: special arrangements of classic rock, pop and jazz favorites (e.g. by Jimi Hendrix, ABBA, the Beatles, the Police, the Eurythmics, etc.). Seasoned to taste with rhythm games, groove exercises, body percussion and perhaps a pinch of improvisation.

This workshop includes:

Playing techniques: Bossa bowing, walking bass bowing, swing phrasing, percussion etc.
Phrasing: Accents, bowings, blue notes
Notation: swing notation, common big band phrasing signs, bossa bowing notation
Approach to rhythm: What is groove? Perception of rhythm, groove concepts ("grumbling", laid back)
Styles: rocking, jazzy, funky, schmaltzy, swinging, Brazilian, Cuban... whatever meets our culinary tastes

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