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How to Play Jazz & Tango > Der Tango-Ševčík - How to Play Tango

A book of 13 etudes and 3 concert pieces for playing tango the authentic Argentinian way.

Following the example of Otokar Ševčík's classical bowing method books, I collected some of the most typical bowing techniques, rhythms and patterns commonly used in tango and wrote an etude on each of them. That way, aspiring tangueros can concentrate on one aspect of tango at a time.

Etude by etude, new elements are introduced and explained.

The 3 concert pieces combine all these elements and can be played for practice or in recitals.

Available for cello or for violin. For advanced students. Explanatory texts in German – English translation also available

Listen to: Ü1c (Bowed Pizzicato and "Zzk"), Ü8 (Three, Three & Two), Ü13 (Mixed) (S.Paul)