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Tango Workshop
For small group or orchestra: 4-12 or 12-34 participants

"Tango is a sad thought danced..."
Argentinian tango is about extremes: it is simultaneously sad and lighthearted, sensual and cool, sentimental and harsh and always rhythmically to the point.

The participants will explore typical patterns, playing styles and techniques of tango by playing special pieces and arrangements together. We will study traditional tango and tango nuevo.

In smaller courses there is also opportunity for individual master classes on prepared works of tango literature (e.g. by Astor Piazzolla).

This workshop includes:

Playing techniques: Anticipated marcato, chicharra, chicharra bowing, glissandos, yumba etc.
Phrasing and sound: Dynamics, elongation and variation, lyrical vs. percussive approach
Approach to rhythm: Compressed pulse, delaying and restraining
Ensemble playing: approach to melody, approach to accompaniment
Common styles and genres: Tango, vals, and milonga; traditional tango and tango nuevo

It is possible to teach this course together with a colleague playing a different instrument so the course can be opened for other instruments as well.

  • Video lesson: How to Play Tango
  • Cello solo: Danzarín
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