Feeling Groovy

Jazz Workshop for
4-15 participants

How can you groove on a string instrument? How can you learn how to improvise?
This workshop focusses on these questions.
Rhythm games and body percussion are fun and also a great way to train basic rhythmic skills. We’ll explore special playing techniques and tricks that can make string instruments sound groovy, heavy, bluesy or funky. Participants will learn how to improvise, using games, exercises and some basic music theory.
This workshop is designed to introduce classically trained string players to improvisation & groove and to jazz, rock & pop.

Workshop Topics

Groove and rhythm play a defining role in jazz and popular styles. How does rhythm work in these styles? How can you groove on a string instrument? What is swing & latin? We will find out with rhythm exercises, body percussion, „rhythmspeak“ and on our instruments.

The performance practice of jazz, rock, and pop is different than the classical approach in string playing. We will work on phrasing, articulation and special playing techniques (such as chopping, groovebowing, ghost notes, slaps, etc).

An introduction to improvisation using various approaches: free improvisation, improvising with scales, rhythm & chords; blues; accompanying & soloing, etc.

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